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My name is Mravik, I was born in 1972 in Budapest, Hungary. I am a professional pianist, I finished my studies on the instrument at the age of 19. I studied classical music, grew up on Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin. After school, however, I decided that I could not pursue this career. Instead, I played in countless rock and pop formations as a pianist, of course on synthesizers, as a session musician. I founded my first own band at the age of 15 called Legion. My serious music career started around the age of 20.


These 10 years were clearly the most unsuccessful period of my career in terms of results, but in these 10 years I learned everything about the profession that cannot be learned in the classroom. I played in bands where I had to learn to think together, to enforce my ideas, or to let go of my ideas because they weren't supported by others. All the bands I created failed miserably, in many cases they didn't even listen to everything. However, luck somehow still winked at me. At the end of 2001, all the major record companies threw themselves into my recording of a 4-song demo and the golden age began.


In these years, I have already worked a lot with a great singer, whom I simply named Nona, loosely after the Roman parka, who weaves the thread of life. I wrote completely different music to his vocals than I had done before. Suddenly everything came together. The melodies, the rhythm, the tempo, the arrangements, all the elements were in place. Although it was a great experience, I wasn't really surprised that the big major publishers all offered me a contract. We also felt that there was something unique in this music. Nona's singing voice lent a uniqueness to my musical world that was not at all common in Hungary at that time. The record was released in the summer of 2003 under the name Credo - Hit, published by Universal Hungary. The first years were very efficient and successful. We performed and were present everywhere that could be reached at that time. Unfortunately, the Internet has not yet reached its golden age. Even though we were Santana's backing band, even though we performed at important festivals, even though we were supported by major Hungarian television stations, when they finally got to know our name, they fired the entire staff of Universal Hungary, along with almost all the bands and artists. In 2004, we fell out of the protective wings from one moment to the next. Due to some coincidence, we were able to stay afloat, but Nona and I, on separate paths. Nona sang more and more for different composers, and I was able to start writing music for other artists. I was able to test my knowledge in other styles and other "areas". I composed TV brands, advertising music for televisions, or music for short films.


The next 10 years brought big changes in many things in my life. My personal life was going well and I worked a lot with graphics. I didn't just play music, I also worked with 3D software. Although I had music orders, I didn't do concerts, I didn't play in other bands and I didn't write new songs for Nona either. Since the graphics brought significant financial benefits, I finally built my own studio, where I had the opportunity to breathe new life into Nona's dusty spirit. We decided to market my new songs that I wrote for her, using modern tools like social media.


Nowadays, more and more songs appear on social media under the name mravik x nona, but I also write my own songs with different goals. As the years go by, the order of importance in life has also changed in me. I became able to express myself with words and sentences, so unlike in previous years, now I also write the lyrics of my songs. Although it consumes more energy, of course I can express myself in a more complex way. More and more of my music is instrumental, which requires a completely different approach than vocal pop songs. While writing music, I never think about what could make my music unique, I don't want to consciously violate the feeling of flow that captivates me while composing, but I trust that my individuality can still be seen in my works.     //    Best Regards: Mravik

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