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This song tries to give back the momentum and dynamics of the escape. The song seeks to show the excitement that reigns in man until the moment of liberation






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Dear Visitor!


My name is mravik and I was born in Budapest in 72. I was 6 when I started to learn to play the piano and 9 when I wrote my first song. My first song was recorded with a tape recorder at home. Today it might seem very funny.



In the music school we had no opportunity to play Beatles or Deep Purple, but we had to play Mozart and Beethoven. I have been playing piano for over 12 years, and in the last few years I learnt difficult pieces op. of Chopin or Franz Liszt. When I was 18 I realised I didn't want to be a classical or jazz music performer I would like to be a pop songwriter.

I founded my first rock band when I was 15 a name with „Invisible

Legion”. We had some smaller shows in grammar schools and colleges but we have not recorded any songs in studio cause it was basically impossible in Eastern Europe at that time. But the concerts provided the opportunity to come a member in other bands as a pianist or keyboardist.


I couldn't escape from my destiny. For almost 12 years I was a session musician in different bands. I enjoyed more when I played with bands own songs. „Behind my back” with my qualification wasn’t great challenge to play "pop-hit songs" from famous bands and singers and it didn’t guarantee my improvement as a composer. I decided to quit from this bands. From that moments I composed my own songs and I tried to make a living by any job I could find.


I signed with Universal when I was 30. It was a big step forward. I worked together with the Main Producer of Universal as a composer and arranger specialist (Sugar&Spice, Depeche Mode Tribute Album / Remixes, Firemusic LP) while Universal also published my own CD in 2003 (Nona – Credo), I've met new people in the music industry and thanks to them I got new jobs composing music like TV brandmusic, jingles or music for short films . My up to line career was break down by the world-wide crisis in 2008 suddenly I didn’t get new jobs.


The era of the „black hole” held over 10 years. I was disappointed and I had to start to build up my soul and my career - again. I worked my new songs only for myself. But I have got a good job as a 3ds specialist so I had the chance to rebuild my homestudio and my music equipment. At the end of the „black hole era” I got an offer from Szilvia Tisler who coaxed me to Universal Publisher Hungary and creates new chances to further my career as a composer.


This site was created in order to reach the people, the producers and musicians in suddenly and in great content. You can listen to my own musics from the past and present. If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact me.


Your sincerely

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