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Nona Production was founded in 2001 by mravik and kate andrasi. The production was named after Nona God (parcae), who spins the thread of life. Nona's album was published in 2003 at Universal Music. Due to privacy issues, the band rested in "deep anesthesia" between 2005 and 2018 and only started working again in the last 3 years. In 13 years the world has changed a lot, today it is not enough to write good songs, but you also need to create a strong BRAND. We are trying to achieve this ...

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Nona Production was founded in 2001 by mravik and kate andrasi. They signed to Universal in 2002 and released "credo" in 2003. In 2002, they were Santana's warm-up band in Budapest then soon after one of the performers on Depeche Mod’s tribute album. "Credo", released in 2003, is a Hungarian-language pop album with video clips and maxi records. They have also performed at several festivals in Hungary, but have not been able to tour independently. Their goal is to introduce themselves to those who demand demanding mainstream pop songs and to delight those who feel the depth of their songs.


nona was born in Budapest, Hungary in 76 as Kata Andrási. She learned to play the violin in her young years and then sang in a choir for years. In 2001, she met mravik, with whom they formed the band nona. Their album credo was released under the auspices of Universal in 2003 and then worked on various projects. Today she is not only a singer but also an active composer of the vocals of the finished songs

mravik was born in Budapest, Hungary in 72. He has been playing the piano since he was 6 years old and has been a member of a choir for a long time. He founded his first band at the age of 14, but turned up in a number of bands in his youth as a pianist or singer. After the nona album released in 2003, mravik turned more and more to the fine arts and only slowly returned to the world of composition




Nona's album "CREDO" was released on Universal in 2003. The album contains only Hungarian language songs and was released exclusively in Hungary. The songs were written by mravik, the lyrics of the band's manager, Szabolcs Varga, and mravik. Electronic music spiced with live music elements was a great success in Hungary, because at that time this trend began to conquer in Europe. A total of 3 maxi singles and one full album have been released by Universal. However, due to personal changes at the publisher, contracts were terminated with several bands.  The nona formation left without a contract fell into a deep sleep ...

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Kata 3.jpg  all rights reserved  founded by laszlo mravik in 2017  all songs by mravik are protected  by artisjus Hungary and  Universal Music Publishing Editio Musica Budapest Kft

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